Rsz Hofesh Ndt ®rahi Rezvani 2016

Clowns / New Creation Double Bill

World Premiere – Teatro Ariosto Reggio Emilia – 17 March 2018

Shechter II will perform a powerful double bill comprising of the 5-star Clowns and a brand new companion piece. Chosen from the most inspiring young talent across the world, the new apprentice company of 8 dancers will take on Hofesh’s movement with the skill and ferocity for which it is renowned.

Originally created for NDT and rapturously received there in 2016, Clowns will be restaged, alongside a brand new piece created especially for Shechter II. Our paid apprentice dancer programme which offers eight young dancers the opportunity to work with Hofesh, and to tour the UK and Europe with a new creation made especially for them.

In Hofesh’s words:
“I went into dance really young and I saw a little gate, an escape from a life I wasn’t sure what to do with and being able to show that gate to other people is something I really love.”

“For me, it’s an honour to work with more of these young dancers, to bring them into our company, pay them, train them to become the dancers they have the potential to be and in turn enjoy and benefit from their immense drive and intense energy in the studio, during performances and participation with young people.”

Shechter II are Riley Wolf, Juliette Valerio, Zunnur Sazali, Adam Khazmuradov, Natalia Gabrielczyk, Emma Farnell-Watson, Robinson Cassarino and Neal Maxwell.

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‘Clowns is a well-delivered punch in the face’ ★★★★★ – BachTrack

‘Clowns is like a wild beating heart, full of murderous, hypnotic desire’ – Dance Talk



Clowns was originally commissioned by NDT (2016). The productions, Clowns/New Creation, received production support from Fondazione I Teatri Reggio Emilia and a production residency at the Attenborough Centre, Brighton.