Hofesh Shechter Company

Bangers and Mash

Commissioned by the Brighton Festival, Bangers and Mash was a one-off spectacular featuring over 100 young performers and musicians. The project brought together ten Brighton-based youth dance companies and musicians to devise and deliver a new creation.
Led by a team of our dancers, the fruits of their collaborative labour incorporated Hofesh’s trademark style: sinuous floor work, highly physical dance sequences and dramatic ensembles, performed to a live score of primal grooves and hypnotic electronica.
Bangers and Mash was performed at the Dome Concert Hall on May 17 2009.

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"To dance on the Brighton Dome's main stage was an incredible experience, more than making up for all the hard work and time commitment we put in!"

"Although the performance was for one night only, we have gone on to use Hofesh's ideas to make a dance of our own. The main purpose [of projects like this] is to promote dance in young people's education and not simply to seek opportunities to perform on big stages."

"I will never forget this experience. I love Hofesh!"