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The Fix

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Clowns Film Still (c) Illuminations

Hofesh Shechter's Clowns

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In July 2019 we gathered in a small studio in a little Italian village. We were set out to create a piece that produces what we recognised back then as the most valuable currency of our time – hope. The work in the studio took many turns and showed many angles and challenges that come with the aspiration to a hopeful mentality. In this studio footage (filmed on phone…), as I watched through it again, it just struck me how much touching is taking place…something that feels so far now… the touch. I thought it will be timely to share the footage so we can see it from our glass cages.” Hofesh Shechter

The Fix – a new creation by Hofesh Shechter. To be presented as part of our double bill, Double Murder.
Trailer music: Sigur Rós

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