Executive Assistant

Professional Development

For me, movement is born from the inside out. When I am making work the emphasis is always on the energy and emotion of a movement, rather than the shape it forms. This makes it available for everybody to try. I enjoy seeing my work give people the feeling that dance is possible for them – that it is accessible, exciting, moving, and more than anything that it can belong to them, and they feel like they belong in it.” – Hofesh 

We have developed a range of opportunities for professionals and emerging professionals to come together, exchange practice and develop their own approaches to dance and performance.


Our regular programme of intensives have been devised for professional dancers.
Led by a team including Associate Artistic Director Bruno Guillore, our dancers and Hofesh. Intensives are between 3 – 5 days of immersion in Hofesh’s fundamental movement principles and repertoire. These popular immersive workshops are open to professional dancers, teachers and dance students on vocational courses who are looking to enrich their practice and training.
Recommended for those over the age of 18+.

Here’s what some of our participants had to say:

“The company gave so much personal feedback and I really grew from this experience in ways that will continue to translate in my own work.”
“The whole experience has been very intense, deep and fulfilling.”
“For such an internationally renowned company, this is one of the fullest, yet lowest cost intensives I have ever done.”  

Apprentice Company: Shechter II
In 2015, we established our own training company and apprenticeships. Over 1,500 dancers will audition for 8 places in this highly sought after professional development programme.  A place in Shechter II offers dancers at the start of their careers the opportunity to earn a full-time salary, experience of an international touring schedule, work with Hofesh and our dancers in the studio, and gain mentoring on teaching skills, delivering workshops and participation projects around the world.
The Apprentice Company has recently completed recruitment for the new company.  You can find out more details of the programme and dancers involved during 2018 here.